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Client | Private

Single unit development situated in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

The brief was to extend upon the existing dwelling which accommodated a small two bed space within the roof structure and a modest ground floor layout. The ambitions of the project were to maximise the properties potential with the opportunity to extended out 6 metres from the existing building line. The aim was to achieve a 4 bed spacious first floor with en-suites and a ground floor layout designed for a busy family. It was with great pleasure we were able to achieve more than the client anticipated with the first floor spacious layout whilst reducing the potential scope of the extension. 

The design intent was to raise the existing eaves from single to double storey, from this the unit was able to relate to the existing neighbouring properties and would allow us to utilise the existing footprint in its entirety. By altering the stair layout, we created a central passage through the dwelling which allowed us to explore a wider variety of layouts.

Due to the positioning of the unit and the clients request for the willow tree in the rear garden to be retained as it held sentimental value. We broke up the bulk of the rear facade to create a stepped back theatre like experience, with the addition to a large portion of glazing we were able to create the audience featuring the willow tree in the centre and used ground lights to mimic the stage lighting, akin to lighting up the main act in production. The glazing located to the rear will also gain the full benefit of solar energy throughout the day as the rear facade is south facing, with this we also included photovoltaic panels meeting our greener design and energy targets.  


General Elevations

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