Shipley Rd

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A Window to The Sea

Situated in the hills of Woodingdean, Brighton, the dwelling features breathtaking panoramic views of the countryside hills and sea view. The project to extend upon an existing dwelling out to the rear encompassing the awe inspiring views of southern England responds to the rich environment with a subtle elongated elegance. Inspiration for this design was taken from a ship in a bottle, the ability to capture an object or a view within the parameters of a translucent observation platform. In our case, a window, the aperture to the sea.

The brief was to extend upon the existing dwellings form, reducing the height to single storey to allow for further space along the ground floor enabling a young family to grow and use the space fitting for their growing needs. The rear garden features some spectacular views which were captured within the design intent. The strategy quickly developed around framing the views of the countryside hills and sea view as an art piece, hung on the wall in constant motion. To accommodate a young bustling environment we created an open plan, valued ceiling, bi-folding doors and full height glazing to draw in maximum lighting and merge the internal and external spaces for when it counts most.

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