Keedonwood Rd

Stage  | Construction
Status | Pending
Client  | Private

A Zinc Wrap Top Hat

Situated in the South East London borough Lewisham. The zin wrapped top hat loft conversion responds to the existing surrounding context and design intent of the existing dwelling with a modern external aesthetic. The use of zinc is not typical and thought of as a designed material, featured on projects with an alternative style to that of traditional builds. From the initial concept the finishing material was discussed with the client and then lead to influence the design outcome.

The brief was simple in creating extra office space within the existing roof structure making the space accessible and enjoyable. With the finishing material decided we were able to proceed though the design stages with a playful exploration of finished forms. With the clients requests of a glazed wall, the final design form took precedent in capturing that glazing in a zinc wrapped frame paired with the glass material the two compliment one another in colour pallet and aesthetic.

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