Howbury St.

Stage  | Planning
Status | Complete
Client  | Private

The Coach House

Situated in the heart of Bedford, Bedfordshire. The stables project was a small one in that the client requested to add external amenity space through a raised platform, enabling the occupants to enjoy the summer months with an extended amount of sunlight. Due to the limitations of the site the current amount of enjoyed sunlight was limited due to the built up surrounding context.

The brief, simple in concept however due to the sites location and close proximity to surrounding dwellings posed challenges with overlooking and privacy for neighbouring properties. The area the intended platform would cover also blocked an existing window which reduced daylight to an existing space along with certain safety concerns relating to winter months and how the materials would react in rain and icy conditions. We were able to achieve a successful outcome, meeting all design and safety concerns through a specific material pallet whilst maintaining a structurally independent platform.

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