Hopewell Rd

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The Rustic Lodge

Situated in a rural town bedded in the heart of Hertfordshire, the rustic lodge responds to the flourishing rural environment surrounded with a rich context of trees and vegetation. The material pallet enriches the surrounding context to marry in with the local earth tones, the form and scale is complimentary to the surrounding trees allowing the unit to mask between the background and blend in with the immediate scenery.

The brief was to create a habitable space on a plot with existing development allowing the occupants to facilitate additional accommodation including onsite parking. The limitations of the site posed a significant challenge in achieving a unit which could encompass secure onsite parking whilst providing enough space for comfortable habitation. We were able to achieve the clients requests through a deliberated method of external and internal design in dropped eaves, hidden gutters, dormer windows and an open plan layout with vaulted ceilings.

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