Edwards Rd

Stage  | Construction
Status | Complete
Client  | Private

Bexley House

Situated in Belvedere, London, the Bexley house responds to the developing suburban environment that is within Greater London. The house, positioned on a small pocket of land with existing development is a result of productive imagination by the client and careful, thorough design strategies we were able to implement to meet the planners needs.

The brief was to divide an existing plot of land to accommodate a new dwelling situated to the rear, furthest from the existing dwelling. Due to the councils policies and limitation of the site, the initial concept required some fine tuning in order for the development to be possible. After some careful design we are able to achieve success, having had the council grant an application to build on site. The main limitation of privacy and overlooking was achieved through changing the proposed form and staggering the rear facade which was orientated asymmetrically from neighbouring plots. From this we were able to meet the dwelling separation distance.

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