Carnaval Del Pueblo

Stage  | Construction
Status | Complete
Client  | Carnaval Del Pueblo Association

Interactive Market Stall

East St. Elephant & Castle, London

Winners of a live project competition hosted by the Carnaval Del Peublo Association. The interactive market stall was designed to promote small scale local businesses along East St. in Elephant & Castle which were to be featured in the annual carnival. The design strategy quickly centred around the making of interactive games in direct relation to the services promoted.

By using interactive mechanisms, we could attract an initial public interest and create a level of engagement from passers-by. A user’s interaction with the games, created a sales experience unique to the stall and through the use of social media enabled free self promotion. The design outcome created a joyful, fun experience which is not typical found by a market vendor and by utilising social media we could then increase the exposure to the businesses which previously had little awareness in the larger consumer market.

Overall the Interactive Market Stall was a success in attracting attention from the public and social media. Architectural publications such as The Architects Journal and Dezeen Design Magazine also featured articles on the stall while also hitting Dezeens top 10 searched for online. The Interactive Market Stall was also feature in the London Festival of Architecture 2016.

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London Festival of Architecture 2016

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