Bermondsey St.

Stage  | Construction
Status | Pending
Client  | Private

The Glass Box

Situated in London Bridge, the glass box responds to the bustling urban environment that is Bermondsey St. with a transparent elegance, complimenting the traditional featured facing brick buildings built up in the surrounding context.

The brief was to extend upon the existing mansard roof to create a habitable space respondent to the seasons throughout the year. The clients requirements were for a space that can be sheltered in the winter months whilst being openable and practical in the summer. By using the existing parapet and spine walls as our perimeter, a strategy developed to fix an internally positioned light weight structure supporting a glass envelope. The addition of sliding glass doors along the parapet walls removed the boundary between internal and external space allowing for a more openable and functional piece of architecture. The internally positioned structure allowed us to eliminate any cold bridging coupled with solar reflective glass, we were able to achieve a high performance space throughout the winter and summer months.

Bermondsey St. General Plans

Bermondsey St. General Elevations

Bermondsey St. CGI

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